Питомник охотничьих собак породы "Английский Пойнтер"
образован в 2004 году в г. Москве, владелец - Сорокин А.В.

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Waldemar D. Marr. «Pointers and Setters». (In English). 1969, Reprint 1979.
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Waldemar D. Marr. «Pointers and Setters». (In English). 1969, Reprint 1979.

Herr Waldemar D. Marr (Владимир Адольфович Марр), «BLACKFIELD» Pointer-kennels foundator.

                     «Also worth mentioning is a translation from German of Waldemar Marr’s book on Pointers and Setters, devoted in equal proportions to the two breeds. Herr Marr in my opinion is foremost in the knowledge of the breed, his Blackfield Kennel surpassing all others over a span of forty-five years…»

«Starting in 1905, and for the following forty-five years, Herr Waldemar Marr of Germany was involved with Pointers. He had the benefit of being connected with John Lee Bulled Jnr., Frederick Carnegie Lowe and Dr. John H. Salter, and it appears he absorbed tremendous knowledge by listening to these great mentors of the Pointer world, his seniors in years and experience. My personal opinion is that he managed to accomplish what no other person previously achieved in the breed; he bred Pointers of a recognizable type, with little line breeding. The only way he could have achieved this end result would have been to breed dogs with very similar styles about them; and yet never breeding too closely. He came up with dogs which were excellent in the field, and yet with great good looks and correct breed type. [ … ] Herr Marr became a famed judge on the Continent and his opinion was eagerly sought. From Russia to Italy he judged field trials, and shows from Finland to Great Britain, his knowledge of the breed being most profound. Judging Crufts in 1936 and also in 1938 he caused quite a sensation…»
Mrs. Cicely A. Robertshaw, in her book «Pointers Past & Present». –2000, –2004. Extracts quoted from pages: 4; 23-24.
«… it is worth reading Waldemar Marr’s little book «Pointers and Setters» (1969 – republished in 1979) and his discussion of William Arkwright. There is no doubt that Marr’s book is a valuable reference source on the recent history of British working pointers and setters world-wide…»

                 Mr. Derry G. Argue, in his book «Pointers and Setters», –1993, –1999. Extract quoted from page 40.

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